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As part of the integrality process of our proposal, students also have access to a wide variety of sports, artistic and cultural activities from the preschool grades to empower their different talents and teach them to have a balance in their routine and with this to build the bases of their happiness. In our school, students choose the activities of their choice and develop them during the school year.


Our students are motivated to select among a series of educational activities that, without being part of a Study Plan, they can voluntarily make, to acquire or strengthen skills that improve their preparation.

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Artistic and cultural

The Artistic-Cultural and Recreational activities allow the development of multiple intelligences and abilities that contribute both to the happiness of our students and to the development of their talents in a differentiated and constant way.

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Our students generate physical skills and a high level of sports development through the different options that the school offers both curricular and extracurricular. Thanks to their strong leadership component, they promote values of family, friendship, companionship, overcoming and respecting the rules of the game looking for a win-win.

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