We will receive an international visit from the CIS soon

Pronto recibiremos una visita internacional del CIS

In a few days we are going to have a visit of George Hobson, School Support and Evaluation Officer at Council of International Schools. His main purpose is guide us to the achievement of the CIS membership through an analytical observation of our school and of the reports that our leaders team and Dr. John Wells have been doing during the last period.

Welcome George Hobson! We are so glad to have you here. We begin the year with the end in mind and with the certainty that we will achieve this great step that will contribute to the well-being of our community.

Happiness is possible if we go the right way.

During his visit, Mr. Hobson is going to check that we meet the 20 Core standards of the CIS accreditation process in order for us to be members of CIS. In order to do this, he'll be talking to representatives of all parts of the community and also observing classes.

The members of CIS are characterized by the search for high levels of leadership and global citizenship. In Colombia only 11 schools have this membership that aims to achieve the highest standards in quality and welfare for the educational community. We have your warmth and honesty for this great certification process.

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