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It is the Franklin Covey leadership model based on the seven habits of highly effective people proposed by Stephen Covey; This model shows us that:

"Leadership is a process of holistic evolution that leads the individual from dependence to interdependence and develops in himself a private and public victory"

Our institution was certified in 2014 as an example in Colombia and Latin America in this model, demonstrating that the 7 habits in harmony with the natural laws of growth, provide a gradual, highly integrated and sequential approach to the development of personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Equipo Faro: Leader in Me


The mission of Equipo Faro is to promote the Leader In Me model among the school community so that it remains active and strengthened year after year. As leaders of the process, they are called Equipo Faro because they coordinate the necessary work to achieve and maintain the status as Colegio Faro in search for the happiness of our community. For this year, the team will be made up of nine members with diverse but complementary leadership strengths:

  • Facilitator Leader: Julieta Galeano - PYP Coordinator
  • Note taker leader : Sandra Pineda, Preschool Promoter.
  • Evidence leader: Diana Gómez - Primary group director.
  • Leader of measurable results: Dr. John Wells - Rector.
  • Leader of the sharpening the saw habit: Julián Arroyo - Student.
  • Leader of the 7 Habits for adults: Lisa Riaño - Mother of a family.
  • Leader of the 7 habits for students: Isabella Escobar - Student.
  • Leadership environment leader: Yolanda Pérez - DP Promoter.
  • Director of Leader in Me online: Jenny Cortes - Communications and Marketing.

Our team guides new members in the process of adopting the Leader In Me lifestyle, ensuring that they are trained, sensitized and informed about the 7 habits. It leads the implementation plan involving the entire community and promotes the leadership development in different day-to-day scenarios.

Students Faro Team


In order to guarantee a leadership environment that involves each individual in our school and allows the free participation of our students, parents, teachers, directors and officials, the school also has the support of a Students Faro Team who, during the year, make possible the generation of scenarios and activities with the participation of the whole school and institutions or companies in which we can reflect our model.


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