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Our Board of Directors is made up of five members, among which there are three external and the main owners of the institution, who striving to maintain a balance between the representation of the interests of the Buckingham community and the various aspects of external character that are strategic in order to support and achieve the growing of the school.

Their main responsibilities are:

  • Select the General Manager and the Financial and Administrative Director, who will act as principal and alternate legal representatives and the form and amount of their remuneration.
  • Approve and supervise the plan and the strategic direction of the business, as well as the annual business plan and the investment, budget, cost and taxes resulting from them.
  • Analyze short, medium and long-term trends in the education market and the evolution of the positioning of the institution, and approve changes and needs to maintain the viability and future success of the Company.
  • Evaluate the reports of the Manager on the social, economic and financial situation of the Company and lead the corresponding improvement actions.
  • Approve the Statutory Auditor delegated by the expression of the Shareholders Assembly.
  • Guarantee the adoption of all actions that require compliance of the Statutes or the interest of the Organization and authorize the General Manager to implement the acts that require in accordance with these statutes.


Ximena Castro
Liliana Castro
Maureen Fleming
Jacobo Senior
Gustavo King
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