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Our libraries are a resource centers for teaching and learning for our differents academic levels. We have access to updated platforms for research and agreements with the library system of Banrep and the Javeriana University.

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His tale comes from India. Haridatta is a poor farmer. He works extremely hard, but his son and wife are very lazy. Then, one day, Haridatta meets a snake who gives him gold every day… The tale has echoes of The Goose That Laid a Golden Egg – will greed ruin all the good luckPuzzles at the back of the book encourage children to reread and retell the story in their own words, and helps build vocabulary by matching words to characters.

DOLPHINS focuses on the latest dolphin information, as well as including essential facts. The book introduces anatomy, distribution, life cycle, and feeding habits appropriately for the newest science readers. There are amazing new stories about dolphins’ behavior, from their use of language to rescuing stranded friends and sharing tools! Exclusive images engage children with these famous and fascinating animals.

Snow White is just TOO nice and always helping other people out. She never has a moment to herself! She asks her magic mirror for advice but will she ever really listen to the answer? Snow White must learn to say no if she’s going to live happily ever after…

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